Branding / Environmental

Campaign / Product

For this project, I sought to develop a brand, product launch, and retail space for a potential tech humanist company addressing the contemporary issue of smartphones and their effect on humans.

In the end, I developed a company called 1848, whose first product would be a minimalist e-ink smartphone that provides consumers with a simple but elegant telecommunications device that incorporates design elements of modern smartphones with the simplicity of a “dumb phone.”


The brand name, 1848, is inspired by the year 1848 in Europe, also known as the “Year of Revolution.” During this historic year, middle and working classes rose up to overthrow the monarchical structures that oppressed them, championing forward-thinking ideals of liberalism and democratic socialism. Although the revolutions of this year were often met with swift retaliation and reestablishment of the former powers, they succeeded in sowing lasting cultural change that eventually blossomed into political renewal. The 1848 brand seeks to channel this spirit of cultural revolution against the powers that be, and the mark references rise of revolution through the lifting of the first 8.

Using a sparse color palette and a clean geometric typeface, the brand identity mirrors its minimalist mentality.



Channeling a grass-roots revolution vibe, the 1848 store would be located in an open ware-house storefront. In order to activate the space and make it more than just a retail store, the back half of the warehouse contains a stage and open area to facilitate talks and rallies related to humanist technology. 



1848’s launch product is a sleek, minimal e-ink smartphone based with an OS based on Android. The phone’s functionality would be limited to calling, texting & messenger apps, taking notes, using the clock functions, and taking photos. With its simple functions and understated screen, the phone would serve the necessary functions of a communications device without the distractions build into modern smartphones.



As the final piece of the project, I designed a website prototype for the brand. The prototype can be viewed here.