The Unreasonable

Experimental Typography

For this project, my goal was to break away from the structures and processes I had worked in for most of my recent projects, and to create something experimental and striking.

Concept & Execution

To this end, I explored the Dadaist movement and its absurdist typography, and decided to use experimental type as a medium to express ideas from the absurdist philosophy of Albert Camus, which I had been reading at the time. Absurdist, illegible, and experimental design seemed to me the perfect medium to explore and express, as Camus explores in his essay The Myth of Sisyphus, the contradiction between the human need for meaning and purpose and “the unreasonable silence of the world.”

The result is a series of three compositions that explore themes of absurdist philosophy, and a motion piece that combines their elements
into a time-based composition.

The Absurd

Jacob Cullum_VC5_Proj-03_Composition-01.

The Precipice

Jacob Cullum_VC5_Proj-03_Composition-02.

The Revolt

Jacob Cullum_VC5_Proj-03_Composition-03.
Jacob Cullum_VC5_Proj-03_Composition-01.
Jacob Cullum_VC5_Proj-03_Composition-02.
Jacob Cullum_VC5_Proj-03_Composition-03.


The motion piece takes the three static compositions and reinterprets them as a time-based exploration of the themes in Camus’s work, seeking to create the evoke an additional response through the addition of sound, more dynamic images, and pacing.